Highly recommended!

I have wanted to try 'That Burger Joint' for quite some time now and finally had the chance to stop by for lunch today. Paired with Oberweis dairy, That Burger Joint is.. well.. a burger joint that makes fresh burgers right in front of you and their toppings are free. Their menu is very simple, only burgers and chicken sandwiches, fries and oberweis desserts. Overall my meal was fantastic and everything was absolutely delicious. Prices are comparable to Meat Heads, about $6.50 for a double burger, however the patties here are at least twice as thick at That Burger Joint. Staff is also super friendly and helpful to new customers! Highly recommended!

Jayson Anderson

Delicious! Love this place

  That Burger with extra patty, extra cheese, jalapeno, onion, grilled mushroom, and bacon on a lettuce wrap. Delicious! Love this place!

Geoffrey Bolak

Great burger

Great burger. Fries are big portions. Milk shakes are huge.

Pete Pontius

Quality burgers and fries!

Quality burgers and fries, definitely choose the pretzel bun! I prefer the Oberweiss Chocolate Milk over a fountain drink. Nice place to eat on your 'cheat' day.

Derreck Mansheim

Great food, good price.

Great food, good price. Excellent customer service. Really liked that the fry seasoning is self applied so you can choose just how Cajun you want your fries. Have a shake with your burger, you won't be disappointed.

Devin Weirich

Impressive milkshakes

Satisfying burgers and fries combined with impressive milkshakes.

Jason Martinez

Can't wait to come back here

Ordered "that burger" and a peanut butter shake. Both were really delicious and based on this first trip, I definitely will be making a future visit. The food is pricier than larger fast food chains but I think it's absolutely worth it. Can't wait to come back here and eat again.

Blake Ruff

Great service

Our children wanted honey with their chicken tenders. They make their own honey mustard, so Paul offered to bring us some honey. Moreover, he offered balloons. He noticed that my wife and I were going to share a sandwich, and he offered to cut it for us. He was thoughtful and provided great service.

Joseph D West Frankfort, IL

I'll be back!

Ignore the horribly unfair one and two star reviews and give this place a try. I had a double burger on a pretzel bun with grilled onions, cheese, and mayo. It was perfectly melty and delicious! The pretzel bun is a great option, too. Fresh-cut fries were hot & crisp; I especially liked the special sauce you can request for them. So much food left over, my drive-thru bag still felt full. It seemed almost criminal to be throwing it away. Note to self, next time order a single and save room for ice cream. I'll be back!

Christy R Latham, IL